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Channing Hall First-Graders Host Math Carnival

May 15, 2015 03:01PM ● By Julie Slama

Emree Roberts paints her brother Ryker’s face during Channing Hall’s math carnival. Photo courtesy of Julie Slama

During the months of March and April, Channing Hall first graders learned how “Math is Everywhere” as they studied art, dance, cooking and other activities, as well as learned on a field trip how math is needed at a grocery store. As an accumulation activity of their math unit, the students hosted a math carnival.

However, it was more than setting up tables and activities, first grade teacher Jessica Short said.

“They had to plan and organize activities and measure the space each booth needed,” she said. “They also needed to make sure there were enough tickets for the activities.”

The eighth annual first grade math carnival was held on April 24 for 78 first graders and 50 kindergarteners. There were face painting booths, bowling, basketball shooting, car racing, bubble-wrap popping, a magic show, fishing game, a jack-in-the-box and other activities as well as food and drink, such as popcorn and lemonade. Parents and teachers helped with the activities.

Jessica Edmunds was helping with a bowling activity while her son, Beau, helped with the basketball booth.

“I think it’s great that the the students need to be responsible for creating and running their booths,” she said.

Emree Roberts was painting her brother Ryker’s face.

“I like face painting best because my sister is doing it,” he said.

Emree, who helped organize the face painting, said she learned how math was used in art. 

“I know we look at it in parts and there has to be something in each part,” she said. “I learned how much paint to put on each part. I like face painting best because I want to be an artist.”

First-grader Sienna Jenson remembered incorporating math while learning how to dance the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”

“We had to count our steps so we could learn it right,” she said. “I like the carnival because it is fun to play games with our friends.”

Other units the first graders study during the year include world holidays and celebrations, needs and wants, life cycles and learning how to show pride in their community.