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Ski & Snowboard News / Fat snowflake tells what's happening

Dec 12, 2016 05:39PM ● By Harriet Wallis

photo: Harriet Wallis

We all have phones and apps, but Ski Utah's fat snowflake lights up and changes colors to tell what's happening.

Ski Utah's sign and snowflake are visible on its building at the intersection of Foothill Drive and Parley's Way -- just north of the mouth of Parley's Canyon / I-80. During the day, the snowflake is blue.
But at night, the snowflake lights up with LED lights.

White is the default color.


When the flake turns green it means at least one of Utah's resorts reported a Monster Dump of at least 12 inches of snow in 24 hours.

Red is a Powder Alert that predicts an 80 percent chance of at least 8 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.

White, red, green. It's fun to watch. Colors that change because of the weather is a retro concept that's been used on tall buildings in other cities long before Smartphones and apps.

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