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Draper Journal

Jump Start Your Real Estate Business

How to find, analyze, fund, rental real estate investments. with less risk and more cashflow.

Trainers: Bill Oehme & Bob Tierney & BONUS GUESTS

Live Nation-wide Virtual Workshop - Platform: ZOOM

Special Notes:

Registration Deadline: 8 PM MST Friday June 14th


INFLATION destroying savers and workers, but making investors rich

STOP chasing INCOME  – Instead Create WEALTH & CASHFLOW

YOU cannot SAVE your way to Financial Independence

90% of millionaires in USA use Real Estate to become WEALTHY

Meet a nation-wide community of investors, resources, relationships

Learn how to create instant WEALTH

Create a cashflow-based retirement & never outlive your MONEY

Registration Details:

 * Admission: Complimentary*

Zoom Link Delivered via Email

For Admission Text ONLY PLEASE:

• First/Last Name

• Best Email

• Cell Phone

• Name of your State

• TO: 737-999-0777

Date & Time

June 15, 2024

8:00AM - 4:00PM

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Priceless - Complementary

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