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Corner Canyon Students Host Anti-Bullying Assembly

Oct 23, 2014 10:10AM ● By Julie Slama
Two Pepperdine University roommates had enough of being victimized and listening to girls criticize and degrade one another. So decided to end mean talk by “Finding Kind.”

“Finding Kind” is a film these roommates and now-filmmakers created about victims of “mean girls.” Once Corner Canyon High Principal Mary Bailey learned about the film from a student and parent, she decided to host a screening.

The film will be seen by about 1,000 Corner Canyon High School female students Tuesday, Oct. 21. Afterward, the filmmakers will help students identify bullying issues and what can be done to prevent becoming victims.

“We’re hoping to generate a discussion at Corner Canyon and be pro-active about the issue,” Bailey said. “We’re a new school, so it’s not a huge issue here. However, it’s important for us to address it so students know their responsibilities.”

Bailey said girls may identify with either being a victim or recognizing some of the mean behaviors in themselves. They’ll learn how to stop the behavior and be able to meet with counselors who will be available at the two-hour presentation.

“Girl bullying is different than with boys. Girls will often pick on each other’s hair and clothing styles and usually it’s done over social media, not face-to-face. Boys compete with each other physically. We’re hoping this will promote kindness and mutual respect, rather than being cruel and mean,” Bailey said.

Afterward, the girls will fill out pledge cards reflecting about their responsibilities and sign a poster about what they can do to prevent bullying. The high school staff will follow up with the presentation both in the classroom and during the school’s Wellness Week in the spring.

While the presentation will be limited to high school girls, the boys will hold small group discussions, watch a film about bullying issues and fill out pledge cards on what they can do to resolve the problems.