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Draper Journal

Rack Locations

Cottonwood Heights Journal

Cottonwood Rec Center 7500 S 2700 E
Cottonwood City Hall 2277 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights

Draper Journal

Draper City Hall 1020 E Pioneer Rd
Draper Senior Center 1148 Pioneer Rd
Draper Library 1136 E Pioneer Rd
Draper Chamber of Commerce 1160 E Pioneer Rd

Holladay Journal

Lion Rec Center 1661 E Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay City Hall 4580 S 2300 E

Midvale Journal

Midvale City 7505 S Holden Street
Copperview Rec Center 844 South 300 W
Tyler Library 8041 S 55 W
Midvale Senior Center 7550 S Main

Murray Journal

Murray School District 5055 S State St
Murray City Hall 5025 S State St
Desert Star 4861 S State St
Murray Parks and Rec 330 E Vine St
Wheeler Farm 6351 S 900 E

Sandy Journal

Sandy Rec Center 8680 S 400 E
Boys & Girls Club 8680 S 440 E
Sandy City Hall 10000 S Centennial Pkwy
Alta Canyon Rec 9600 S Highland Dr
Sandy Library 10100 S Petunia Way
Dimple Dell Rec 10670 S 1000 E

South Jordan Journal

South Jordan Library 10673 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan City Hall 1600 W Town Center Dr
Marv Jensen 10300 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan Community Center 10778 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan Fitness Center 10866 S Redwood Rd
South Jordan Chamber of Commerce 11565 S District Main Dr

South Salt Lake Journal

Historic Scott School and Arts & Community Center 3238 S 540 E
Central Park Community Center and PAL Boxing Program 
2797 S 200 E
Columbus Center 2531 S 400 E
Library 2530 South 500 East
City Hall 220 E Morris Ave (2430 S) # 200

South Valley Journal

Riverton CIty Offices 12830 Redwood Rd
Riverton Senior City Center 12914 Redwood Rd
Riverton Library 12860 S Redwood Rd
J.L. Sorenson Rec 5350 W 12600 S
Herriman City Hall 13011 S Pioneer St
Bluffdale City Hall 14175 S Redwood Rd
Herriman Library 5380 W Main St
Riverton Hospital 3741 West 12600 South

Taylorsville Journal

Taylorsville City 5320 S 2600 W
Taylorsville Rec 4920 S 2700 W
Park Library 4870 2700 W
Chamber West 1241 W. Village Main Dr

West Jordan Journal

West Jordan City Hall 8000 S Redwood Rd
West Jordan Library 8030 S 2200 W
Gene Fuller Fitness Center 8015 S 2200 W
Senior Citizen Center 8025 S 2200 W
Jordan Valley Hospital 3580 W 9000 S
Bingham Creek Library 4834 W 9000 S

West Valley City Journal

Chamber West 1241 W. Village Main Dr
City Hall 3600 Constitution Blvd
West Valley Family Fitness Center 5415 W 3100