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Draper City Firework Restrictions For Your July Celebrations

Jun 19, 2015 07:20AM ● By Erin Dixon
Draper - Draper City is nestled right against the world-famous Wasatch Mountains. While residents are able to enjoy a cozy view of the mountainside, that view comes with a small price. Because the winds can be fierce at this end of the valley and weather conditions can be bone dry during the summer months, fireworks are a considerable fire hazard. When the July festivities roll around, the greater part of the city is prohibited from lighting any type of firework, since most of the city is exposed to “hazardous environmental conditions, “as stated by Draper City code (source: Draper City 6-6 Fire Prevention and Fireworks). Even in areas where fireworks are permitted, sky lantern fireworks (any firework that leaves the ground) are still illegal, not just in Draper City, but throughout the entire state. “You don’t have any control where it comes down. Quite a few fires were started by those last year. Because they are free flying, you don’t have any control over them,” said Don Buckley, area fire marshal for Draper City. 

These restrictions are currently unchanged from previous years, but as the season progresses, and if the weather dries up, more restrictions may be put in place. Please pay attention to Draper City news as the Fourth of July approaches. 

If you live in the blocked-out area on the map, or just want to enjoy a spectacular show, Draper City is sponsoring fireworks for the finale of Draper Days on July 18 in Draper City Park, 13500 South 1300 East, starting at 10:00 p.m., which is open to everyone. A concert and dinner will precede the show.