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Draper Journal

Royalty On The Rise

Aug 06, 2015 09:42AM ● By Bryan Scott

The Rising Empresses making their first live appearance

By Chloe Bartlett

Draper - Growing up is no easy task, and trying to find sound role models to follow often proves to be even more challenging. But where others said, “Oh, well,” founder Cindy Harris saw an opportunity. Rather than sitting and waiting for a solution to appear, she envisioned an inspiring and engaging way to promote self-assurance in young girls, and her idea soon became was is now known as Rising Empress. 

With over a decade’s involvement in organizations for women and children, she understands what the foundations of a positive self-image are. “We wanted to create a product that would raise girls to a higher level. Not only be magical and beautiful and enchanting, but something that would teach and inspire and lead girls to discover their gifts and talents,” Harris said. 

Her primary motivation to develop this concept was her daughter, who had drastically changed her self-perception as she transitioned from childhood to adolescence, and Harris has worked very hard since then to ensure that her brand continually fosters self-acceptance and confidence, especially for girls. 

While Rising Empress is first and foremost a channel for self-discovery, its line of trading cards, storybooks and jewelry emphasizes fun along the way, and, seeing how quickly Rising Empress has grown since it was launched, it’s clear that girls enjoy the balance of fun and learning that this program offers them.

In a private event in last month, dozens of young empresses were thrilled to receive the royal treatment, courtesy of Margaret Lee, creative director for Rising Empress. She ensured that all in attendance would have a fun-filled and magical experience by creating a fantasyland in the midst of Draper Historical Park. 

Though her work could be seen in nearly every aspect of the event, the most notable of her artistic accomplishments were the dresses she designed and sewed for each of the empresses. A beaming Lee said, “I’m just loving watching the empresses walking around, and it seems like the girls really like them.” 

In all, her work set the stage for the day’s main event: an opportunity for girls to get to know their royal role models in the Rising Empresses first public appearance. 

“We have nine Rising Empresses…each one has timeless values that teaches and empowers girls to rise and be the best they can be,” Harris explained. “These values are part of the reason why the new storybook is so important. It details all characters in the world of Rising Empresses, what their talents and likes are, and allows girls a very interactive experience.”

To become involved with Rising Empress, girls aged 5 to 12 are encouraged to go online to to explore, learn and become their own rising empress