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Corner Canyon High Welcomes New Administrative Intern

Aug 06, 2015 10:03AM ● By Bryan Scott

Corner Canyon High School administrative intern Bruce Eschler

By Julie Slama

Draper - Corner Canyon High School’s new administrative intern Bruce Eschler loves to learn.

“I like being at school, that’s why I’m here,” Eschler said. “I like to learn to expand my horizon and have seen my influences as a teacher and see that as an administrator, I’ll be able to reach more students and help them fulfill their potential and be college and career ready.”

Eschler, who has taught the last 11 years at Hillcrest Junior High in Murray School District and previously student-taught at Highland High and ran the family literacy program at West High, plans to complete his educational leadership doctorate program from Brigham Young University in December.

“The main reason I began this is because of advocacy. I’ve been teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) at Hillcrest and I’ve been an advocate for them. It’s what I do, helping students achieve, become better,” he said.

Eschler said that he owes his commitment to education, when he was a Highland High 10th grader from a blue-collar family, and his teacher stopped him from just coasting through.

“She looked at me and asked, ‘Why are you in class? Why aren’t you in honors, preparing for college, taking charge of your education and life?’ She woke me up right then,” he said.

He said he began challenging himself, taking honors classes, and building relationships with teachers to improve himself. Eschler said after earning his bachelor’s in English, his love of education just continued to grow.

“I’m studying leadership policy so I can find problems, look at data, review educational research and put the logical, next step forward. I’m looking into teacher collaboration in Finland and how they are working together and finding better ways to get things done. When we work together, we can do so much more,” he said.

Putting his background to use in data and research analysis and working with teacher collaboration are two of the things he sees he can bring to Corner Canyon. He already has met with Principal Mary Bailey, the school community council and some of the staff and administration.

“I’m excited when it comes to working with high schools. In junior high, sometimes they split off and some students play sports with the high schools, so it’s hard to create a school pride for that level. Here, I see the school pride in the sports teams and I like supporting the arts since I was the creative magazine editor and did ceramics when I was a student. There’s more diverse options here and more opportunities for students,” Eschler said.