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Draper Journal

Boundary Adjustment Between Draper and Bluffdale

Nov 06, 2015 08:24AM ● By Chloe Bartlett

By Chloe Bartlett

Draper - The boundary between Draper and Bluffdale may seem inconsequential to most, but as it is now, both cities consider it to be something of an eyesore. Currently, it follows along Pony Express Road before merging into I-15 leaving a large jutted portion of road, and as a result, the two cities have been in discussions to alter the boundary to create a simpler, more seamless separation between municipalities.

The current proposal is to draw the boundary across the middle of the 14600 South interchange and down the center of I-15, making all that is west of the boundary Bluffdale, and all that is east of the boundary Draper. In terms of transportation, this alignment would create a clean cut between cities causing no immediate issues, but Draper had other concerns. Specifically, the potential value of the land between Pony Express Road and I-15.

Despite the fact that the Utah Department of Transportation owns that property, Draper was prepared to forego aesthetic satisfaction and leave the boundary as it is in the hopes that some land will be left for commercial properties. 

“When we give up that section, we’re giving up potential for making some sort of commercial revenue at that interchange,” Councilmember Bill Colbert noted. However, after discussion at the Aug. 18 meeting, the council ultimately decided to approve the changes believing that it a practical solution that worked in the best interest of both cities.

Nothing is final yet, but if Bluffdale City Council decides to accept the adjustments, then the resolution will be sent to the Lieutenant Governor’s office and the boundary line will be adjusted.