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Jeunesse Finds New Home in Draper

Apr 07, 2016 01:22PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Draper - Jeunesse celebrated the grand opening of its new western branch in Draper with an extravagant ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, March 9. Aside from employees and top administration, Mayor Troy Walker and members of the city council were also in attendance.

Jeunesse is a multilevel marketing firm based out of Orlando, Florida. It is a direct selling company that works with distributors to sell products based around skin care, health and energy. They are the first direct selling company to reach $1 billion in sales. 

“We want to help people look and feel young. We want them to live a more empowered life,” said Mindy Eardley, the director of communications with Jeunesse. “We’ve grown incredibly fast and [are] poised to grow even faster out here [in Draper].”

The Draper location houses 140 employees. Most of the employees will be dealing with customer support, providing assistance to both customers and the distributors.  

The new building, located at 13867 S. Bangerter Pkwy., was designed by Jory Walker of Beecher Walker Architects. The concept behind the building’s design was to imitate finding an old warehouse from 100 years ago and turning it into office spaces. 

“I wanted to stay true to that language,” Jory said.

The building combines old brick masonry with large skylights that are reminiscent of the turn of the century. Jory explained the skylights were a necessity 100 years ago because there were few other ways to light the buildings throughout the day. 

The building’s steel beams are exposed throughout the structure. Before installment, Jory left the beams out in the elements for two months in order to rust. He then had them clear-coated to capture the old rusted look of the metal. 

“Jeunesse wanted to create a culture for their employees,” Jory said. “This is capturing the industrial modern feel.”

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Troy Walker spoke on behalf of the city council and staff, welcoming Jeunesse into the city.

“These are the kinds of things we want in our city. Direct sales have always been successful in Utah and we welcome you to our city,” Troy said. “We are grateful to have you here and we wish you the best of luck.”

Jeunesse founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were also in attendance for the ribbon cutting. 

“A company is only as good as its employees,” Ray said. “And I think we have the best employees.”

In her speech, Lewis complimented Jory on the building’s design. 

“It has taken over a year, but we now have a building we can be proud of,” Lewis said. 

Products sold by Jeunesse include a skin care regimen called Luminesce, which claims to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. It also sells nutritional supplements, including vitamins to take in the morning and evening and another dietary supplement, as well as Zen Bodi, a powder the user mixes into a shake that claims to help with weight management. There is also Reserve, a gel packet that contains a blend of “superfruits” with antioxidants to help battle free radicals, and a series of energy drinks called Nevo. 

To learn more about Jeunesse and its products, visit