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Draper City Council Approves Zone Change for Residential Area

Apr 07, 2016 01:39PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Draper - The Draper City Council approved several changes to private properties in the city, including a zoning change in a residential area. The changes occurred during the Feb. 16 city council meeting held at city hall.

The meeting opened with the city council recognizing the Juan Diego High School football team, which won the 3A state championship 28 to 13 against Morgan High School in November. The team was presented with a plaque congratulating them on their victory, and they gave Juan Diego hats to members of the city council. 

The city council then heard comments from the public. One resident spoke to the council about people liking to think they’re above average when they’re really not. The resident also advised the council to be compassionate, especially toward those with addiction problems. 

A member of one of the visiting Boy Scout troops also addressed the council, asking that a crosswalk be installed. The Boy Scout didn’t know the exact location but said it was on Highland Drive next to a gazebo. He told the council lots of kids cross the street there and it isn’t very safe. 

The council approved items from the consent agenda including the Feb. 2 city council meeting minutes, agreement #16-21 with Nelson Brothers Construction for pump station backup generators, agreement with Compass Minerals Inc. to provide type B and C de-icing road salt for the city, an interlocal agreement with Salt Lake County for transportation funding for Lone Peak Parkway and resolution #16-10, which is appointing Adam Crayk to the Parks, Trails and Recreation committee.

Councilmember Alan Summerhays made a motion to keep item E off of the consent agenda to be discussed separately. The item dealt with approving the mowing and landscape maintenance services contract with Terracare. Summerhays said that in the past, there have been issues with poor maintenance of the landscape of parks, but it has improved since the hiring of Terracare last year. Summerhays suggested that another landscaping company should do the parking strip landscaping and save the contractors time and thus the taxpayers’ money. The idea was eventually turned down after a vote of four to one to keep Terracare as the only landscape company that will do both the parks and the parking strips. Summerhays was the only dissenting vote. 

The council unanimously approved the changing of a residential zoning in order to build a single-family subdivision. The applicant, Dan Grayson, explained he planned on building a subdivision with houses on half-acre lots. The motion passed with very little discussion.

“Everything has been discussed previously,” Summerhays said. “The residents wanted half-acre lots and they got them.”

The council also unanimously approved a plat amendment for the Draper Senior Assisted Living Center. The center requested dividing a parcel into two plats in order to begin construction in two phases. Summerhays brought up concerns of whether people moving into these homes really are over 55 years old, citing instances where parking could be a big problem. The location is also near a church that is heavily attended on Sundays, causing more parking and traffic issues. The applicant did mention that there are more beds than parking spots available. During the public hearing to discuss the matter, one resident also brought up his concerns over traffic and parking. 

The council approved a plat amendment for the Lone Peak Medical Center Condominium Subdivision. The plan is to convert an existing building, located at approximately 96 E. Kimballs Ln., into a condominium. The space would be ideal for doctors who work at Lone Peak Medical Center. The motion passed unanimously without discussion.

The meeting ended with the council approving resolution #16-09 for an amended interlocal agreement for phase 2 of the Mountain Accord. The motion passed unanimously without discussion.