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Student Created Mural Installed at Lone Peak Hospital

Jun 09, 2016 10:03AM ● By Kelly Cannon

The student created mural was commissioned by Lone Peak Hospital.—Kelly Cannon

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]

Representatives of Lone Peak Hospital unveiled a new mural on May 24 located in their main entrance. The mural was created by third grade students from Draper Elementary through financial support the hospital gave the school arts program. The third grade students were present at the unveiling and had a chance to see their work up on the wall. 

Kylie Welling, the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Teacher at Draper Elementary, explained she and others from the school approached the hospital asking for sponsorship of their arts program, specifically their arts program night. 

“In return, they asked us to commission a work of art that represented the community partnership,” Welling said. 

The third-graders were asked what they thought goes on in a hospital. Under the guidance of Welling, the students brainstormed ideas, drawing from past experiences and came up with examples of what they believed happens at a hospital. This idea came from a collaboration with Welling and Lone Peak Hospital CEO Mark Meadows. 

“It would come from children’s imaginations of what goes on in a hospital,” Meadows said. 

They then were asked to come up with a picture that represented those experiences. Some examples included babies being born, x-rays being taken, people getting stitches and people visiting those who are sick. Some of the tiles contained only words such as “Hope and Love,” “Get Well Soon” and “I Hope You Feel Better.”

The students then sketched out drawings on small tiles using dry-erase markers. Once the students were satisfied with their drawings, they completed them with permanent markers. These tiles were then coated with a clear finish and later installed on a wall in the hospital. 

“These kids worked really hard,” Welling said. “We’re very grateful for this partnership.”

Meadows took time to speak to the third grade students, applauding their work. He also praised the partnership between the hospital and the school, saying everyone he’s encountered has been great to work with. 

“Lone Peak Hospital feels a need and a desire to have a partnership with the community,” Meadows said. “The best example of this is with art.”

Meadows explained to the students the mural will be up on the wall forever and when they get older, they can come back and see it. 

“You’ll be able to see it and say, ‘I did that,’” Meadows said. 

Third-graders were chosen for the art installation because of the ties to the common core. Third grade social studies focuses on learning about communities and partnerships within the community. 

“It was a natural fit for the third grade,” Welling said. 

Aside from the sponsorship from Lone Peak Hospital, the school receives funds for their art program through the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. Draper Elementary is the first public school in the city to receive grant funds from the foundation. 

Welling explained the art program is an integrated program, meaning art is used in conjunction with other subjects, such as social studies and reading, to enhance the students’ understanding. 

“It’s tremendous to have an art program and an art program that is tied into other programs,” Welling said. 

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