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Council approves purchase of property for new park

Jun 19, 2017 03:09PM ● By Kelly Cannon

A mock-up of the new park and the housing development surrounding it. (Draper City)

By Kelly Cannon | [email protected]
Residents in the northwest section of the city can look forward to a park in their future after the Draper City Council approved the purchase of land during the June 6 meeting. The 5.7 acres that were purchased are located at approximately 700 West and 12300 South.
“We initiated this purchase because we knew this was an important piece and would satisfy this area of Draper’s lack of parks,” said Rhett Ogden, the parks and recreation director for Draper City. “You can see this area is lacking in parks.”
Ogden explained the main benefit of having a new park in this location is it would connect to several existing trails, including the Galena Loop Trail, the Alan Point Trail and the Jordan River Trail. The park will have two parking lots, playing fields, a playground and a group pavilion.
“It’s a very beautiful piece of property,” Ogden said. “It satisfies a park area. It has great trails connections.”
The owner, Randy Bowler, is selling land around the park that will be developed into houses. Bowler is also working with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to potentially build a church meeting house in the area as well.
The city will purchase the park property with construction of the roads, curbs and gutters for a maximum of $2 million.
“(Bowler would) also donate two of the lots on the north end which are estimated at $480,000. He would donate those to the city in exchange for IRS paperwork,” Ogden said. “The city would have a $2 million cap for not only the park but the infrastructure.”
While plans for development of the area will be in a separate agreement with the developer, Bowler told the council the agreement will include trail system access as a requirement for development.
Councilwoman Michele Weeks approved of the idea of having a park on the west side but still has concerns about the forthcoming development.
“I think it’s a beautiful piece of land to have a park,” Weeks said. “If I vote yes, it doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for the development. Even though he’s done a good job, I’m still concerned about the amount of homes on the development.”
Councilman Jeff Stenquist also agreed with the need to have a park on the west side of the city.
“This is a beautiful piece of property and it will be a beautiful park,” Stenquist said. “I also think it’d be a great benefit to be able to connect those trails through. The trail connectivity is important.”