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Juan Diego women’s soccer on a new track after state championship

Aug 28, 2017 02:24PM ● By Jana Klopsch

Juan Diego women’s soccer (blue) won the state title last season, but have a new challenge ahead with a new coach. (Goran Golemba/courtesy)

By Jesse Sindelar | [email protected]

The Juan Diego women’s soccer team has a new coach, after dominating last year en route to a state championship.

New head coach Goran Golemba has been coaching since 2008, and first became a head coach for the U-14 boys Utah Soccer Alliance Club this past year. “I had helped as an assistant coach for a couple of teams, but I really wanted my own team, to implement my own system,” Golemba said.

Golemba grew up on soccer, and was recommended by the previous coach for the job. Golemba is already impressed with where the team is at right now. 

“The team is very impressive. It is clear they have been well coached, on and off the field,” Golemba said.

Joining the team following their state championship last season, Golemba knows it will not be easy. “It is always hard to follow a state championship. But I believe we possess the ability to repeat,” Golemba said.

The biggest challenge for Golemba will be implementing his own style on the recent state champs. “My style is very different (from the style they played last year) — it is a lot more tactical then technical. These girls are all individually so great, so the challenge will be getting them on board with my idea,” Golemba said.

Golemba wants to implement a 4-3-3 formation, and allow for a high-pressure defense. “With this formation, I want each position to have a lot more focus on their movement. Once they can get the basics down, they can really discover their own ideas, but the first step is to get the fundamentals down. The overall idea is to be pretty aggressive,” he said.

While the new coach has his own plans in motion, he is excited to have such a talented roster to work with. 

“The girls are really talented. We have the twins returning, who were nationally recognized, Laveni and Daviana Vaka. Heaven Kelley, and Avery Price who has signed for Navy to play for their program after college. Elizabeth Blair will be one to watch alongside the twins, she will be the playmaker,” Golemba said.

But for the head coach, he is taking it one step at a time.

“Everything is new to me — I am just adjusting to an entirely new world. Right now I have to work on myself in this new environment, and where I fit in, but I’m doing everything I can to bring the team back to the center of my attention,” Golemba said.

The team has their first region game against Stansbury on Aug. 31, and with a new coach and new philosophy in tow, the Juan Diego woman’s soccer team hopes to be an new unknown force to be reckoned with.