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Girls lacrosse superstar Ashton Whittle looks forward to future of leadership

Oct 02, 2017 03:28PM ● By Jana Klopsch

Ashton Whittle will play lacrosse for Colorado Mesa University in college. (Kathy Holmberg/courtesy)

Ashton Whittle never had a hard time getting into sports, although it took her until fourth grade to truly find her passion for lacrosse. “I was an ambitious little fourth-grader looking for something I truly loved and could excel in. I grew up playing every sport I could get myself into: soccer, horseback riding, basketball, track, dance, swimming, volleyball, etc.” Whittle said.

Everything changed when she saw a flier in her elementary school advertising Alta Thunder girls lacrosse. “After the first practice, I knew I had found something I loved and here I am eight years later still as in love with the sport as when I started,” Whittle said.

Luckily for Whittle, not only does she love the sport, but she’s also unstoppable when she plays it. In her previous three years playing for Corner Canyon, she was team captain as well as being on first team All-State all three years, and she doesn’t plan on stopping that streak. “I hope to receive the title of All-American this year. I’m driven to be the best at my sport. When I step on that field it is my release, and it’s my domain, and it is where I am most comfortable, and I am intrinsically driven to keep it that way — mine,” Whittle said.

With all of her accolades and talent, including leading the state in goals this past season, Whittle still holds her humility regarding the team. “As much as I want to excel at lacrosse and build upon my game, I am unable to do that without my team. These are amazing girls that inspire me to try harder and work harder. I can’t do it without them,” Whittle said.

Whittle also greatly appreciates the faith her team has put in her by naming her team captain all three years, with a fourth year expected this coming season. “I’m hoping to continue that leadership into my fourth and final year. I can’t say exactly why I received captain, but it could be because of my passion for the game. I am so humbled to be seen as someone the team views as a leader, I couldn’t be more honored,” Whittle said.

While Whittle’s focus is on her senior season, her lacrosse career is by no means near its end. After some extensive college searching and offers from D1, D2 and D3 lacrosse programs across the country, Whittle has committed her talent to the D2 program at Colorado Mesa University. “I am looking to make an immediate impact on that team and take them to the championships. I can’t wait to play this sport for four more years. GO MAVS!” Whittle said.

Certain athletes can show their prowess in these crucial high school years, but few can dominate and lead the way Whittle has. After being named team captain and first team All-State her freshman year, Whittle has showed no signs of slowing down, and her commitment to continue to play at a higher level than anyone else should give nightmares to her opponents for years to come.