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Draper Philharmonic and Choral Society performs 'A Night on Broadway'

Nov 06, 2018 02:58PM ● By Jana Klopsch

By Michelynne McGuire | [email protected] 

“A Night on Broadway” was performed by the Draper Philharmonic & Choral Society, a nonprofit organization, hosted by Summit Academy Jr. High in Draper, Oct. 12–13. 

The Draper Philharmonic & Choral Society (DPACS) goes back to when Sherri Jensen, who is the artistic director and conductor, founded the Draper Philharmonic and Choral Society. 

Starting the process in 2016 and then holding auditions in 2017, DPACS searched for those with musical talent in instruments and vocals from Draper and surrounding areas. The auditions paid off and talent was found, which now consists of the DPACS.  

Part of their mission includes creating exciting and uplifting entertainment to share with the community, joining together adult musicians for an enriching experience within an expert music environment and nurturing young talent with mentorship, in addition to encouraging participation and supporting of the arts.

“A Night on Broadway” was DPACS’ first Broadway concert. 

The show featured live soloists and dancers performing in various costumes.

The Jersey Boys Medley had two different performances; they sang songs from “The Four Seasons,” wore matching outfits and had choreographed dance moves taking the audience back in time to the ’60s.

James Miller sang “New York, New York,” by Frank Sinatra.

There was music from multiple musicals, covering a wide variety of popular songs each generation could recognize. 

Some of the musicals included “Annie,” “Hello Dolly,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Miserables,” “My Fair Lady” and many others. 

Most soloists wore costumes relevant to the theme of the musical they were singing. 

According to the program, “practicing went on for several weeks,” said Jensen. 

The board of directors, production team, lighting, sound crew, choir, costumes, instrumentalists, soloists, conductor, dancers, the space being used to perform, the people taking tickets and the sponsors all helped make this concert happen.

The next upcoming performance is “Wise Men Still Seek Him,” Dec. 7–8, 2018. 

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming concerts or  want to audition, please visit