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Sisters sweep the Draper singing competition

Oct 10, 2019 11:07AM ● By Stephanie Yrungaray

Sisters Bailey Schepps (l) and Lexi Millar (right) show off their trophies from the Draper Idol singing competition. (Picture courtesy of Chelsea Millar)

By Stephanie Yrungaray | [email protected]

Draper sisters Lexi Millar and Bailey Schepps proved that musical talent runs through their blood when they swept the Jr. Idol and Draper Idol competitions this summer. 

When 12-year-old Lexi Millar decided to enter the Draper Idol Junior competition at the city’s town days, she wanted her big sister by her side. Nineteen-year-old Bailey Schepps had competed in the Draper Idol competition two years earlier and Lexi knew her big sis would have valuable advice. 

“We rehearsed together and gave tips to each other,” Lexi said. “It really helped me because most of the advice wasn’t about my singing but about the feel of my song. It’s not only the sound that is important but it’s also the feeling and emotion of the song. It was really great to have my sister there helping me.” 

Schepps loved watching her little sister prepare for the competition. 

“It was really cool to watch her be in her element,” said Schepps. “She’s always loved performing, singing and playing piano. It was so cool to see a visual representation of how we share that.” 

Draper Idol and Jr. Idol are singing competitions held every summer during the Draper Days festival. For the past 11 years, talented local residents have competed for coveted trophies and prize money. 

Lexi sang “Someone Like You” by Adele while accompanying herself on the piano for the Jr. Idol competition, which was open to contestants from ages 12 to 15. Draper Idol contestants, ages 16 and up, competed with two songs. Schepps performed “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt as well as an original song “December.” She also played the piano for both of her pieces.  

“Lexi and Bailey both showed a level of artistry that other contestants didn’t show,” said Draper Idol Coordinator and Judge Mackenzie Tolk. “They both played piano and did their own arrangements of the songs. It was really impressive.” 

Both girls said having each other in the competition made them feel less nervous. 

“I was definitely less nervous because I knew that she was out there cheering for me,” Schepps said.

“I felt like I had a lot of support,” said Lexi. “My family and Bailey were there so I didn’t feel super nervous.” 

The sisters also said they had a feeling that the other was going to walk away with the trophy. 

“I was like, ‘No doubt about it she is going to win,’” said Lexi. “It was the same feeling she had for me. The other singers were really amazing too, but she just performed well.” 

“We were really excited that both of them were in it,” said dad Aaron Millar. “There was a lot of excitement that they could share that victory together.” 

“It was a day that as a mom I’ll remember forever,” said mom Chelsea Millar. “They are individually talented but the fact that they are sisters and won the same year was really special. My heart was just bursting for both of them.” 

“It was really cool to see them both win,” Tolk said.”The talent definitely runs in the family.”