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Book club helps Draper seniors connect with younger generations

Dec 10, 2019 12:38PM ● By Stephanie Yrungaray

The Young at Heart book club will meet Monday, Dec. 9 at 12 p.m. at the Draper Senior Center. All adults are welcome. (Photo by Gregory Culmer/Unsplash)

By Stephanie Yrungaray | [email protected]

When Draper Librarian Linda Gee decided to start a book club for the neighboring Draper Senior Center, she wanted it to be a connecting force between readers and their grandchildren. 

“We focus on award-winning youth and children’s books,” said Gee. “We read books you wish you read when you were young, books your grandchildren are reading and children’s books you want to re-read again.” 

Since 2013, Gee has been selecting books, reserving them in bulk, and holding a Young at Heart book club meeting the second Monday of each month at the Draper Senior Center. 

Jane Brinton remembers how warm and welcome she felt at the first book club she attended five years ago. 

“I stopped in and listened and now I’ve never stopped going,” said Brinton. “I love that Linda chooses the books every time, she prepares background information that is interesting about the author and book and she has discussion topics. She just makes it so easy for us.” 

Brinton also values Gee’s expert book selections. 

“She selects books with confidence,” said Brinton. “We’ve read all genres: graphic novels, fantasy, historical books. They are always interesting and easy for us to read in time.” 

Brinton said her book club reading has given her things to discuss with her grandkids. 

“We had one [book club member] early on that bought the book we had discussed for all of her grandchildren because she enjoyed it so much,” said Gee. “The book club helps them relate to their children and gives them a connection with grandchildren as well as a social outlet.” 

Both Gee and Brinton hope more people will join them for the Young at Heart book club.  

“We usually have eight or nine people come,” said Gee. “People that come really enjoy it. We would always love to have more people.”

“There is always a lively discussion,” said Brinton. “We talk about many things. People need to come, it’s a real treasure.” 

You can visit the library for more information and to pick up a copy of this month’s book “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow” by Jessica Day George. The Young at Heart book club will meet Monday, Dec. 9 at 12 p.m. at the Draper Senior Center. All adults are welcome.