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Draper club offers moms support and opportunities to serve

Feb 17, 2020 11:39AM ● By Stephanie Yrungaray

Moms and kids from the Draper MOMS chapter work on gingerbread houses together. (Photo courtesy of Alexa Raynes)

By Stephanie Yrungaray | [email protected]

Whether you are new to being a mom, new to Draper, or just want the opportunity to meet other Draper mothers and serve your community, the local chapter of the Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) Club is worth looking into.

The Draper chapter was established in 2005 and has helped many moms adjust to motherhood and/or life in a new city by offering social support, activities and friendships. 

Draper City Councilmember Tasha Lowery has been a member of the Draper MOMS Club for 12 years. 

“It’s a way to get to know people in your own city and strengthen your community,” Lowery said. “Being a mom can be isolating and lonely. This is a way for women to get out of the house, make connections, give back to the community and build relationships and lifelong friendships.” 

Draper MOMS Club President Alexa Raynes was a member of a MOMS Club in Arizona before moving to Utah and quickly found a chapter to join in her new town. 

“I’m extremely passionate about MOMS Club,” Raynes said. “I think it is a great support system.” 

Raynes said the club averages about 2–3 events a week where children are always welcome, as well as one “mom’s night out” a month. 

“There’s a friend for anything you need,” said Raynes. “It immerses you in the community and I love running into [members] around town. I see friends everywhere we go.” 

Members pay a $30 annual fee, the majority of which goes toward supporting service projects in the community. Raynes said they plan on two service projects a year “which usually turns into four.” 

“We are moms so we are always looking for someone to help,” Raynes said. “If we see or hear about something in our community, especially if it involves a mother or child, we want to try and reach out and help any way we can.” 

“We do a lot of neat stuff,” Lowery said. “We've gotten together and made blankets for hospitals, we’ve cleaned trails, we’ve made kits for foster kids, purchased backpacks and supplies for 50 kids in Draper that were in need. All of the moms like to be involved in community service and giving back.” 

Lowery said her favorite service projects are when the MOMS Club has sponsored families from the angel tree at the Draper Fire Department.  

“It combines my two big interests: working with Draper City and my MOMS group,” Lowery said. “It was wonderful to have moms and kids come in and tour the fire station and build that relationship. Then we went back and partnered with them to provide gifts for two or three families. We shopped online for the gifts and wrapped them, then went with the fire department to deliver the gifts to the families.” 

“The club paid for $1,000 of gifts,” Raynes said. “Then members fulfilled another $1,000–2,000 of additional gifts and items so we got to help two separate families.”

Raynes said the group would love it if more Draper moms join their ranks. 

“We are always welcoming people with open arms,” Raynes said. “We are always interested in helping new members and moms in our community.” 

“Having a network of women going through the same thing can is so critical,” Lowery said. “We all need friends and all want to be involved and give back to our community and this is a way to do both.”

Prospective members can find more information by searching Draper MOMS Club: Prospective Members Public Page on Facebook.