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Fighting Type-1 Diabetes with... Pie?

Apr 13, 2020 01:39PM ● By Amy Green

Brad Didericksen came to the Clever Bean on March 14 to celebrate National PI Day, to support JDRF and taste the gourmet pies made by Merissa Davis.

By Amy Green  |  [email protected]

Pie can be so tasty. The scalloped edges and golden crusts. The cream and crumble accents. Pie can be comforting and cheerful. It's a common tradition for birthdays and holidays. Pie has endless flavor possibilities. It even appears in the form of random layered casseroles, a mashed potato-topped masterpiece. Pie... (insert a *sigh*) you’re so dependable.

One Draper mom has discovered that her talent for making pie improves lives in other ways too.

Merissa Davis can make a pie practically in her sleep. She has mastered some incredible flavors. When her son Otto (now age 6) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she wanted to do something other than feel overwhelmed by her little boy’s difficult diagnosis. She wanted to help fund a cure.

An old-fashioned bake sale was the answer. She’s using pie to help raise money for type 1 diabetes research. This is something the Davis family feels is extremely important and are doing their part to make a hard situation more positive. “Cookies are really popular and there are a lot of great cookie shops in SLC, but there are fewer pie shops,” David said. “So this is a little unique. And it’s just one of my favorite desserts to make and eat.”

Individuals with type 1 diabetes can eat pie too. The carbohydrates just have to be calculated like any other food. The Davis family calls their ongoing fundraiser “Piebetes.” They collect pie orders once a month. The proceeds go to JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes research. Follow the Piebetes pages for more information and how to order:

Instagram: @piebetes_for_t1d

Facebook: Piebetes

Fundraising Page:

Davis said, “For our pre-orders, many pies are available in gluten-free and dairy-free versions. There are also low-carb options for diabetics and keto people.”

As a way to support JDRF and National Pi (3.14) Day at the same time, the Clever Bean coffee shop in Draper at 656 East 11400 South hosted a special Piebetes sale on March 14. They welcomed Davis into their space so she could take orders and sell pie by the slice. Anyone who missed this event can still order pie.

Brad Didericksen is a regular at the Clever Bean and a fan of supporting his community. “I saw some flyers (about Piebetes) and wanted to support JDRF,” he said. “I follow the Clever Bean on Instagram, so I’ve been watching events all week. I’m excited about the different kinds of pie to try.”

Greg and Sue Jackson also came to the event. The couple has a daughter with type 1 diabetes and their family is also heavily involved in JDRF. They bought the popular triple berry flavor. Greg Jackson explained why they would come all the way from Utah County: “First of all, the pie is delicious. Second, JDRF does very important work. Type 1 diabetes is a serious condition that isn’t anyone’s fault. People can fill their mouths with goodness, while doing a solid service to the community.”

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease, not caused by eating pie. Making jokes about getting diabetes from eating sweets can be offensive, so there'll be no teasing in poor taste here. Rather, it’s a chance to learn about yummy-tasting pie available close by. Or feel free to be like the Jacksons and order from Lehi.

Getting dessert from Piebetes is a positive way to make hardship for others more hopeful. It’s a way to help, have your pie, and eat it too.