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Need more fiber in your online diet? Google is coming to town!

Feb 22, 2022 08:31PM ● By Mimi Darley Dutton

By Mimi Darley Dutton | [email protected]

In addition to the regular roadwork happening around town this spring, Google Fiber will begin a projected 18-month buildout of their service to residents of Draper. The company was granted access to city roads, park strips and other city property when the Draper City Council unanimously approved a licensing agreement with Google Fiber to provide high-speed, high-bandwidth internet service to residents and small businesses in the city.

“This will provide residents with another option for fiber,” said City Manager David Dobbins.

Unlike an offer from Utopia approximately one year ago that would have obligated the city to cover costs of both infrastructure and the service if not enough users signed up for the service, this agreement puts zero financial obligation on the city and its taxpayers.

Councilmember Tasha Lowery said comments she’d received from residents about the potential agreement with Google Fiber were unanimously in favor.

“Welcome, we’re excited to have you,” said Councilmember Fred Lowry to Jacob Brace, Government and Community Affairs manager for Google Fiber.

Councilmember Cal Roberts inquired about the potential for service in SunCrest. Brace said that area may prove to be more challenging. “Google’s engineers have to work within limits,” he said.

Brace said the intent is to have people online at the end of this year and then sign others up as quickly as possible. He said his company will work with HOAs and private, gated communities to ask if they want the service as well. Draper City said decisions about service areas and fees will be solely determined by Google Fiber.

“Everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet. Google Fiber is looking forward to helping Draper residents accomplish all the things they need to do online everyday with dependable internet,” Brace said.

The city will communicate with residents about construction-related activity and service availability throughout the process.

“This is going to get our citizens the service right away and it’s up to them if they want it,” Mayor Troy Walker said, adding with a joke, “You can start at my house.”

More information can be found at

Residents can contact the Google Fiber Construction hotline at 877-454-6959 with questions or concerns.