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Three Ivory Spear Crabapples planted at Pheasant Meadow Park for Arbor Day

Jun 03, 2024 03:01PM ● By Mimi Darley Dutton

Councilmember Cal Roberts and his young son, Richie, helped Tree Committee Chair David Cloward (L) and Mayor Troy Walker dig a hole to plant an Ivory Spear Crabapple tree in honor of Arbor Day. (Mimi Darley Dutton/City Journals)

“I hope the trees outlast the buildings in our lives,” said David Cloward, chair of Draper’s Tree Committee, at the annual Arbor Day ceremony. This year’s event took place April 26 at Pheasant Meadow Park, a “hidden gem” tucked away in a neighborhood near Corner Canyon High School. 

City officials planted three Ivory Spear Crabapples featuring white blossoms. They are expected to grow to roughly 10 feet wide and 17 feet tall. “The perfect example of the right tree in the right place,” said Taylor Parker, Parks foreman and city forester. Rocky Mountain Power donated funds for the city to purchase the Crabapples as examples of trees that fit well under powerlines. According to Tree Committee vice-chair Michelle Coker, the Ivory Spear Crabapples feature “persistent fruit,” meaning the fruit remains on them throughout winter to feed birds, unlike other trees that drop their fruit in the fall. 

Draper is recognized as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Part of having that designation requires an annual observance of Arbor Day. The city also participates in Tree Utah which offers grants for trees. 

The city’s Tree Committee, which Cloward and Coker serve on, is a group of residents who volunteer their time to advise the city’s Parks Department on tree-related projects. Members are appointed by the city council, meet monthly and serve four-year terms. According to the city’s website, “All are very knowledgeable in this area.”

Cloward had recently returned from a trip to England where he marveled at the London Planetrees, a type of Sycamore, some of which date back to 1660-1680. According to Cloward, few Planetrees die of old age, and they may live indefinitely. Coker said the London Planetrees “are the stately shade trees that you see lining Old English Road and Rosefield Lane in Draper.”

At the ceremony, Mayor Troy Walker said Draper City has planted more than 20,000 trees and has been recognized as a Tree City USA for 20 years. 

The rain temporarily held off for this year’s ceremony, only to pour later in the day, likely offering the three newly planted Ivory Spear Crabapples a good start to take root and grow. λ