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First National Bank

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Founded 1905

On May 15, 1905, First National Bank (FNB) opened its doors for business in downtown Layton, Utah. FNB's entrance to the stage at that time was exactly what the local community was looking for. In a day when many people only had access to their banks by mail, the citizens of Layton welcomed the direct and personal touch that FNB offered.

Fast forward 111 years and despite the fact that the world is a very different place, we continue our legacy of providing direct and personalized customer service. We offer a full line of products and technological tools to help consumers and businesses achieve financial success without compromising the “community banking” vibe that we are well known for. With over 100 employees in seven different branches that are ready to help, you won’t ever have to go through a jumbled phone tree to reach an actual person! At First National Bank, you know your banker and they know you.

We also take our personal reach beyond the customer level and out into the community. We actively take part in sponsoring community events and partners such as Layton Liberty Days, the Davis Arts Council Summer Concert Series, the Layton/Syracuse Marathon, Family Connection Center Giving Trees, and the United Way of Salt Lake City. Being a “community bank” means more than just being “small town”. To FNB, it means investing in and nurturing the communities in which we serve.

But don’t take our word for it. To experience a better banking situation than you currently have, visit one of our branches and talk to a personal banker. Whether your financial needs are personal or business related, we will ensure that you get the service that you deserve!